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Design Services

Logo Design

In order to represent a company or brand, a logo must be designed. Since it will be a customer or client's initial impression of the company and website, the logo needs to be distinctive and memorable. In order to be used on other platforms, like social media, business cards, and other print or digital items, it should also be scalable. A logo should be easy to recognize and recall by being clean and minimal.

Logo Recreations

Logo recreation refers to the process of recreating an existing logo to either modernize it or provide different variations of a logo to be used for a number of promotional items and more.

This is extremely useful for businesses that have outdated logos, or logos that were created before high-resolution digital graphics were available. By recreating their logos, they can modernize their branding and ensure that they have high-quality logos that can be used for various marketing and promotional purposes.

Overall, logo recreation is an important service that ensures that businesses have access to high-quality logos that can be used for any purpose, without compromising on quality, clarity or branding.

Social Media Graphics

Social media graphics refers to visual content created especially for social media platforms. Images, infographics, and any other form of digital material that leverages design components to spread a message or advertise a company might be included.

Social media graphics are used to rapidly and efficiently convey a message to users of social media while grabbing their attention. As fast-paced, competitive environments, social media platforms require eye-catching graphics that stand out from the competition.

Social media graphics can be used to advertise goods or services, increase brand recognition, encourage interaction, share knowledge, and amuse and delight audiences. Additionally, they may assist companies in developing a unified visual brand across all social media channels and enhancing their entire online presence.


Illustrative Design and Layout Work

Illustrative design and layout work refers to the creative process of designing visual elements, including graphics, images, fonts, and colors, for various types of printed or digital marketing materials. The goal is to create a visually appealing and effective design that communicates the intended message to the audience.

Flyers are promotional materials used to advertise events, products, or services. They are typically one-page and include eye-catching headlines, graphics, and contact information.

Brochures are more detailed than flyers and consist of multiple pages. they are commonly used to promote products or services by providing more in-depth information about them.

Banners are large scale displays used for advertising events or promotions. They are usually website headers or social media headers.

Programs are commonly used as event guides that provide information about schedules, speakers, and activities.

Cards are print products like business cards or greeting cards that have a specific purpose.

Digital and print work variations refer to creating designs that can be used both digitally and in print. This includes file type considerations such as designing hi-res images for printing versus preparing low-res images for use in web design or online promotion.

Overall, illustrative design and layout work encompasses all design work for the production of digital and print marketing materials. It involves careful attention to detail, creativity, and an understanding of how different design elements come together to provide the desired end product.

Vectorizing Services

Vectorization services refer to the conversion of raster images or bitmap graphics into vector graphics. The process of vectorizing involves using vector graphic software to redraw the logo by hand, ensuring that every element is accurately reproduced. Once the recreation is completed, the new logo will be saved in various file formats, such as EPS, AI, SVG or PDF.

The resulting vector graphic can be resized without losing quality, making it ideal for use in digital media, branding, and printing applications. Vectorization services are often used by businesses, designers, and marketers to create high-quality graphics for logos, illustrations, and other promotional materials.


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Pricing varies on the intricacy of designs and time needed to complete the work.

Design $85/hour+

Logo Design $500+

Vectorizing Services $55+

Please contact us for a quote as we are displaying a general starting price point for your convenience.