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Screen Printing Los Angeles

screen printing los angeles

Screen printing is a printing technique that has been used for centuries. It's a popular printing method for creating t-shirts, bags, and other custom apparel. It can also be used for creating art prints, posters, and other types of artwork.

Many custom hats, polo shirts, custom shirts, and t-shirt printing are suitable for businesses looking for screen printing services for their marketing needs. Our company has the right machines and qualified skills to provide screen printing services in Los Angeles. Contact us today for more details.

Why Choose Screen Printing?

Screen printing is an excellent choice for creating custom designs on a variety of materials, including textiles, apparel (like t shirts printed), plastic, and even metal. We use it for both commercial and residential purposes, and the benefits are numerous. 

Vibrant and Quality Prints

One of the major advantages of screen printing is its ability to create vibrant, high-quality prints with vivid colors and sharp details. Because of this, it’s an excellent choice for marketing campaigns, logo designs, and promotional materials like custom t shirts. 

Fast and Efficient

Screen printing can also produce a large number of prints quickly and efficiently. Depending on the order size, it may be possible to get the job done in just one day. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses that need many prints in a short amount of time. 


The ink colors used in this process to print t shirts is much cheaper than other printing forms, and you can save even more money by ordering larger quantities.

Additionally, since the prints last longer than those produced with other methods, you won’t have to replace them as often – resulting in additional savings over time. 


Screen printing is also incredibly durable. The ink is made up of tiny particles firmly embedded in the printed material, which means it won’t fade or crack even after long-term wear or exposure to harsh elements.

This makes it ideal for creating long-lasting promotional materials such as t-shirts, banners, and signs that can withstand outdoor conditions. 
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Why Choose Mut Shipping Customs?

At Mut Shipping Customs, we have been providing top-notch screen printing services for years. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products for your business or organization.

We offer an array of the best screen printing services to fit your needs. From custom t-shirt designs to large quantity runs for promotional products, we are confident in our ability to provide you with a product that meets and exceeds your expectations. 

We utilize the latest in screen printing technology and have access to high quality inks, fabrics, and other materials to ensure that your prints look great every time. 


What can we screen print on?

Mut Shipping Customs can provide screen printing services for a wide variety of shapes and services.

We can print on surfaces such as












Some common applications









Water Bottles

Coffee Mugs

Yoga Mats

Key Chains


Note Pads


Why do business choose our screen printing services?

Many businesses will need screen printing services while growing. And here are reasons why you also need help:


Screen printing is a versatile and cost-effective method that can produce custom designs for any business.

Whether you are looking for promotional items, apparel, signage, or even stickers, screen printing can provide a professional-looking, attractive, and long-lasting result. 


Screen printing is an excellent choice for businesses looking to create customized products with a personalized look. They can customize their products with intricate designs.

Additionally, it produces a vivid and vibrant image that will not fade over time. This ensures that your custom design will remain intact and visible for years. 

Brand Promotion

In addition to its affordability, versatility, and durability, screen printing is a great way to advertise your business or promote your brand. By having your logo or message printed on apparel, signage, or promotional items, you can increase your visibility and attract more customers.

Plus, if you choose to print multiple copies of the same design, you can reduce costs and boost profits.
Screen Printing Services

The Different Types of Screen Printing

This unique technology offers various options for creating stunning designs and logos. There are many types of screen printing to choose from, so it can be helpful to understand the differences. 

Spot Color Screen Printing

Spot color screen printing uses one or more colored inks to create designs, images, and logos on surfaces. This type of screen printing is an economical way to add vibrancy to any design.

It is perfect for projects that don’t require intricate details or full-color images. 

Grayscale Printing

Grayscale printing is a process that uses a range of shades to represent an image or design on a surface. This technique is great for creating subtle and sophisticated images or logos. It allows you to achieve a range of tones without using multiple colors.

Halftone Printing

Halftone printing is a type of screen printing that uses dots of various sizes and shapes to create an image or design on a surface. This technique can create highly detailed and accurate images with great depth and contrast.

Simulated Process Printing

Simulated process printing uses a combination of two or more spot color inks to create an image or design that looks like it was printed using a four-color process. This technique is often used to save time and money compared to traditional four-color printing.

CMYK (4-Color Printing)

CMYK (or 4-color) printing is the standard for full-color printing. This technique combines cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks to create a wide range of colors and hues. CMYK printing is perfect for reproducing photographs and other full-color images. 

Duotone Printing

Duotone printing is a type of screen printing that uses two colors to create a single image or design. This technique can achieve a wide range of effects, from subtle shifts in tone to dramatic contrast.

Duotone printing is excellent for creating eye-catching designs with minimal effort.


What is screen Printing?

Screen printing is a method of transferring designs onto textiles, usually t-shirts, using ink and screens. It is among the popular printing methods used by businesses, print shop, and hobbyists alike to create custom designs on fabrics. 

Screen printing is also known as silk screening and is most often done with a mesh screen coated in a photo-sensitive emulsion. 

The design to be printed is placed on the screen. Then, the light-sensitive emulsion is applied over the top of the design. When exposed to light, the emulsion hardens around the design but not on other parts of the mesh, creating a stencil for printing. 

Ink is then forced through the stencil onto the fabric below, creating a crisp and vibrant print. With screen printing, you can print multiple colors and images quickly and easily, making it a great choice for custom apparel, promotional items, or printing t shirts clothing line.